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Ryan Remington is fired after killing a man in a wheelchair.


Dec 1, 2021

A Tucson cop was dismissed on Tuesday after footage showed him fatally shooting a man in a motorized wheelchair while confronting him about allegedly stealing.

Surveillance footage shows Richard Lee Richards, 61, entering a Lowe’s in a wheelchair before a cop, subsequently identified as Ryan Remington, firing his revolver nine times at Richards’ back and side.

Soon later, Richards was declared dead.

A Walmart employee had reported Richards was suspected of stealing a toolbox before he entered the Lowe’s, Tucson police chief Chris Magnus said during a press conference Tuesday. When requested to present a receipt, Richards took out a knife and remarked, “Here’s your receipt,” according to the Walmart clerk.

Remington had been with the police for four years and was working as a security guard off-duty at Walmart. Magnus announced Remington’s dismissal on Tuesday.

Here’s what we know thus far.

What the Tucson police shooting video reveals

Remington pursued Richards around the parking lot after he left the Walmart store and can be heard on camera asking for backup.

Officer Stephanie Taylor arrived on the scene as Remington approached Richards at the Lowe’s door.

Her body-worn camera footage shows the running out of her car at Richards.

“You need to stop,” someone says, followed by, “He’s got his knife in his other hand.”

Taylor raises her revolver as Remington adds, “Do not go to the store, sir.”

Lowe’s security cameras caught Richards entering the shop in a wheelchair, followed by the two police with their pistols drawn a few feet behind him.

“Stop right now. You have to —” According to the body camera footage, Taylor begins to speak but is cut off by Remington discharging his rifle.

According to body camera video, Remington fired his pistol nine times toward Richards’ back and side as he was looking away from the police. As Remington ran at Richards and detained him, the guy dropped on the ground, he fell out of his chair.

Officer Ryan Remington: What We Know

Officer Ryan Remington has spent four years with the Tucson Police Department. Remington’s attorney, Mike Storie, said in a statement that he “had no nonlethal choices.””

“”He had a Taser, but he couldn’t use it because he didn’t believe he had the necessary spread to discharge it, with the wheelchair between him and Richards,” Storie said.

The Pima County Attorney’s Office is investigating the deadly incident to see if Remington should face criminal charges.

“To be frank, I am profoundly upset and saddened by officer Remington’s behavior,” police chief Magnus stated during a press conference.

“His use of fatal force in this event is a blatant breach of department policy and violates several areas of our force usage and training.”

Tucson Mayor Regina Romero called Remington’s behavior “unconscionable and indefensible,” and she has pledged her assistance to the county attorney’s office as it conducts its inquiry.

The shooting occurred a day after Tucson police stated that they were looking into another incident involving an off-duty officer who detained two ladies on the ground outside a restaurant.

The Associated Press also contributed.

A $7.5 million settlement has been announced by the family of a black man who was fatally shot by police.

Defunding the police:Calls to “defund the police” contrast with reality for many Americans, according to municipal surveys.

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