Sandy Corzine’s Biography: First Wife, Age, And Relationship With Sharon Case



Sandy Corzine is a Caucasian businessman who was born in an undetermined location in the United States of America on an unspecified date. His age has remained unknown for unknown reasons, in contrast to his former wife, Sharon, who is now 49 years old.


The First Wife of Sandy Corzine

Sandy Corzine married Sharon, a multi-award-winning actress, in Mexico on 20th April 2007. Over the years, the newlywed pair soared as a picture-perfect couple. They held a low-key Mexican-style wedding and did not invite family or close friends. When they returned to the United States, they considered hosting a reception for their friends and family but decided against it owing to their wonderful relationship. After two and a half years, their idyllic relationship began to deteriorate, and the retired couple divorced in November 2009.

Initially, the businessman’s ex-wife attempted to conceal the issue of their divorce because she was unwilling to discuss it. However, the majority of people brought up her divorce from Sandy, and the actress felt compelled to be candid about her ’emotional and devastating’ decision.


A year after their divorce, the General Hospital actress found the appropriate moment to declare her love for and adoration for Sandy.

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