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Steve O Net Worth 2022 (Salary, House, Cars, Wiki)


May 11, 2022

Four Million Dollars
What is Steve-salary O’s and net worth?
Steve-O is a British-American comedian, stuntman, and television personality with a $4 million net worth. Steve-O has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry through his participation in the Jackass films. Steve-O has also achieved success in the music and stand-up comedy industries. Additionally, he has appeared in numerous video games. Steve-O is notorious for performing daring, repulsive, and sometimes morally dubious stunts and pranks.


Early Years

Steve-O, despite being an American, was born in London, England. Stephen Gilchrist Clover was the name his parents gave him when he was born on June 13, 1974. His mother was Canadian, while his father’s ancestry was English and American. They lived in England while his father was employed by Pepsi-Cola. Steve-O and his family moved to Brazil when he was six months old because his father was promoted to president of Pepsi-Cola in South America.


Stephen Clover’s upbringing in Brazil exposed him to new cultures and languages, and he has stated that his first words were in Portuguese. Stephen’s family moved frequently during his childhood, and by age two he had relocated to Venezuela. The boy then achieved Spanish fluency. The first time he lived in the United States was when he moved to Miami at age six. When he was nine, the family moved back to England and he remained there for only three years. After spending three years in his birthplace, he moved to Ontario, Canada for one year and then returned to London for good. This time, he was able to establish roots and attend an English high school for four years.


After graduating from high school, Steve-O attended the University of Miami. In response to his poor academic performance, he decided to enrol in clown school. Three years later, Steve-O worked as a professional clown and filmed various stunts.



Steve-O would frequently send videos of his stunts to the skateboarding magazine Big Brother. Unbeknownst to Steve-O, the recipient of these tapes was Jeff Tremaine, the future director of Jackass. Tremaine recognised Steve-potential O’s and recruited him for the Jackass team. Three seasons of the original MTV show aired in the year 2000. The show was a tremendous success, and Steve-O became an instant fan favourite.


Jackass can be traced back to the actions of other well-known Jackass figures. In 1999, with the release of CKY, professional skateboarder Bam Margera began filming his family, playing pranks, and performing stunts (Camp Kill Yourself). Johnny Knoxville was another early Jackass format pioneer, as he was testing self-defense weapons and equipment on himself at the time.


Jackass was so successful that it almost immediately spawned several spin-offs and sequels. Jackass: The Movie was quickly adapted from the series. On a $5 million budget, the film grossed nearly $80 million worldwide with the addition of Steve-O. Jackass Number Two grossed nearly $85 million on a budget of $11.5 million. On a $20 million budget, the third and final Jackass film, Jackass 3D, grossed nearly $172 million worldwide. In addition, Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa, Jackass 2.5, and Jackass 3.5 were released.


Steve-O began exploring a solo career in 2001. He released his first solo DVD, Don’t Try This at Home, during this year. In the Jackass spin-off Wildboyz, he was also paired with Chris Pontius. This new series featured Steve-O and Pontius travelling the globe, interacting with various wild animals, and experiencing various cultures. The performance was a tremendous success.


Steve-O also appeared on Dr. Steve-O, a show in which he was paired with different guests. The purpose of the show was to toughen the contestants and reduce their fear of attempting certain tasks. Additionally, he attempted to keep his guests cool.


Descending Spiral

Throughout his rise to fame, Steve-O was heavily dependent on drugs and alcohol. His substance abuse began to negatively impact his health, particularly his mental health. Steve-O was also prone to breaking the law. Steve-O had been arrested on charges of battery and obscenity as early as 2002. During a European tour with Bam Margera, Steve-O was arrested for smuggling drugs into Sweden. More arrests followed shortly.


After being misdiagnosed with a rare heart condition in 2006, Steve-O intensified his drug use. Steve-O was frequently removed from live broadcasts and television for intoxication and aggression. This downward spiral reached perilous proportions when Steve-O sent an email to his friends indicating he was considering suicide.


Mental Health Issues

In 2008, Steve-O was hospitalised for 14 days due to suicidal tendencies. In the same year, he pleaded guilty to felony cocaine possession. By enrolling in a rehabilitation programme, he avoided jail time. Even though he had been sober for more than three months, he relapsed and entered a mental institution. Later, Steve-O would assert that his drug use caused significant mental health issues.


Impressive  Distinction

In 2010, Steve-O became a stand-up comedian. Following a tour of the United States, he announced a second tour for the following year. Following that tour, he performed in major cities throughout Australia. He released his first comedy special in 2016.


Additional Ventures

Steve-O has a YouTube channel where he posts videos of various stunts and practical jokes. His channel had over 5 million subscribers in 2020. Steve-O released rap albums with moderate success. In addition, he published a memoir entitled Professional Idiot: A Memoir. The book reveals intimate details about his rise to fame, including his decision to become an animal rights activist and staunch vegan.

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