Terrence Duckett Biography; Jasmine Guy’s Ex-Net Husband’s Worth And Profession

Terrence Duckett



Terrence Duckett, better known as Terrence, is the ex-husband of Jasmine Guy, a well-known American singer, actor, and dancer.


Terrence Duckett is a native-born and bred African-American in the United States of America.



Terrence Duckett with his ex-wife Terrence Duckett

He earned a degree from the University of Iowa, the state’s oldest and second-largest university.


Terrence Duckett gained notoriety with his marriage to Jasmine Guy. However, the couple split after two decades of marriage, despite the fact that they had a child, a daughter; Imani Duckett stood in their way.


Duckett and Jasmine decided to share parenting responsibilities for their daughter following their divorce, with Duckett paying for child services.


Terrence Duckett Career

Duckett is a consultant with Onpaceplus, a health care provider based in the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area, California, United States of America. He previously spent nine years as the director of strategic relationships at Soda and Lime.


Terrence Duckett Salary and Earnings

Terrence Duckett may proudly proclaim himself to be a millionaire, with an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

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