Thomas Zizzo Net Worth, Car Accident, LAPD And Age Of Erika Jayne’s Ex-husband


Thomas Zizzo is the ex-husband of Erika Jayne, a renowned American actress, singer, and television presenter. Thomas Zizzo and Erica Jayne have a son, Thomas Zizzo Jr., also known as Tommy Zizzo, who is presently employed by the United States Police Department.


Erika Jane Girardi is 50 years old and is married to Thomas Girardi. Bron Erika Jayne Girardi attended North Atlanta High School in Atlanta. Erika met Thomas Zizzo in the late 1980s and they married in 1991 at St. Patrick Cathedral.


After a happy marriage, Thomas Zizzo and Erika Jayne decided to separate, and Erika relocated to Los Angeles to pursue her profession.


Age of Thomas Zizzo

What is Thomas Zizzo’s age? Thomas Zizzo is a 56-year-old businessman.


LAPD Officer Thomas Zizzo

Tommy Zizzo, Thomas Zizzo’s son, is a Los Angeles Police Department officer.

Thomas Zizzo Automobile Accident

Thomas Zizz’s kid was engaged in a snow-related automobile accident.


Erika Jaynes’s first spouse was who?

Erika Jayne’s first spouse, Thomas Zizzo, is unknown. It was already established that he was a professional disc jockey (DJ). The couple welcomed their only child, Thomas Zizzo Jr., two years after their marriage.



Thomas Girardi’s net worth

What is Thomas Girardi’s net worth? Thomas Giraldi’s net worth is estimated to be $264 million.


Who was the first wife of Tom Girardi?

Karen Weitzul was Tom Girardi’s first wife.


Who was Tommy Zizzo’s father?

Erika Zizzo raised Tommy Zizzo.

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