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Toyota Commercial Girl 2021: Legs, Salary, Pottery, The Office and Net Worth


Mar 20, 2022
Toyota Commercial Girl
Toyota Commercial Girl


Laurel Coppock is an actress from the United States. Since 2012, she has been in dozens of Toyota ads and is one of the most recognizable commercial stars in the United States. She was born in Boston, Massachusetts, on July 17, 1977. Her father is unknown, but her mother is Susan Coppock.


Laurel graduated from Colby College with a degree in Performing Arts. She then attended the Circle in the Square Acting Conservatory in New York to study acting.


Laurel spent five years in Chicago before relocating to Europe. While in Los Angeles, she earned multiple opportunities to showcase her abilities. In 2007, she took on her first professional position. She has been in a number of popular television series and films.


In 2012, Laurel was chosen to play Toyota Jan. She was chosen from a pool of more than 500 applications. Toyota was impressed with the actress’ performance and hired her to appear in other Toyota advertisements. She is still working with the company, since when the COVID-19 epidemic struck the United States in March 2020, she produced several advertising from her house.


Legs of Toyota Commercial Girl 2021

Toyota’s advertisement for the 2021 Super Bowl depicts the 28-year-old Paralympic gold medallist and a recreation of how her adoptive mother learned she would need her legs amputated.

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Salary of Toyota Commercial Girl

Toyota Actresses make $60,000 per year, or $29 per hour, which is 67% more than the national average for all Actresses, who earn $30,000 per year, and 10% less than the national average for all working Americans, who earn $30,000 per year.


Toyota Commercial Girl 2021 Pottery

Toyota Canada’s annual sales event was postponed this year in order to focus on activities that can be done at home, such as pottery or “cleaning” the dishes.


Net Worth of Toyota Commercial Girl

Laurel Coppock is believed to have a net worth of one million dollars. This she acquired from her acting profession.

Laurel Coppock (born July 17, 1977) is an actress from the United States.

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