Trevor Noah’s Father, Robert Noah: Everything You Need To Know Him



Robert Noah is a German who, with the assistance of a special permission to serve black people, built one of the first integrated restaurants in Johannesburg under apartheid. Trevor Noah, a South African comedian, television host, producer, author, political commentator, and actor, is his son.

Robert Noah despised racism and all forms of uniformity. He couldn’t fathom why white people would explore Africa if they were opposed to black people.


Using a special permission to serve black people, Robert launched the first integrated eateries in Johannesburg under apartheid. The government distributed the licenses out of need. The restaurant’s establishment was a success. However, several white residents petitioned to have Robert’s business closed. The inspectors first attempted to close the restaurant due to health concerns, but Robert, like the majority of Swiss-Germans, was everything but dirty. They employed a different tactic by requiring him to have a separate restroom for each patron race. It was an impossible undertaking, and Robert refused, but he ultimately shut the eatery down.


Robert relocated to a newly segregated neighbourhood named Yeoville following the end of apartheid. He now had the opportunity of taking Noah to a local park to play with children of other races, since he was no longer in dread of going to prison. Every Sunday afternoon, father and son met at Robert’s place, which was fantastic news for Noah, who got to skip black church.


When Robert’s son arrives, he normally makes his favorite meal: Rösti, a German potato pancake with gravy. Robert was a reserved individual, but an excellent parent, constantly attentive, caring, and giving.


Robert Noah relocated to Cape Town and nearly lost contact with his son Trevor when he was just 13 years old. After almost seven years, Patricia urged Trevor to travel to Cape Town, where he reconnected with his father. Trevor was continually skeptical of his father’s devotion during the years they were separated. Fortunately, Robert presented his son with a scrapbook documenting all he (Trevor) had accomplished since relocating to Cape Town. Trevor received assurances from his father that he was loved.


The book included all of the cutouts highlighting Trevor’s regular appearances in local publications. Others were cutouts promoting his stand-up appearances. Trevor Noah is unaware of Robert’s extended family or his life before to Patricia. Noah is only aware that his father was a chef in Canada and New York who established several pubs and restaurants in South Africa.

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