Troy Dendekker’s Biography; Net Worth, Son, and Daughter of Bradley Nowell’s Wife


Troy Dendekker was born on March 8, 1971, in Columbia, South Carolina, USA. She is well known for her friendship with the late Bradley Nowell, as well as her brief marriage to him. Troy, 49, was reared by her parents, David Newton and Robin Newton. She was educated at Notre Dame High School and was believed to have trained as a substance-abuse therapist.

Troy Dendekker’s net worth

Troy’s professional career is mainly unknown to the public because she became involved in the entertainment world through her marriage to a famous artist. However, Troy Dendekker’s net worth is believed to be between $1 million and $5 million as of 2019.


Jakob James Nowell, Troy Dendekker’s son

Troy and Bradley welcomed their first child, a son named Jakob James Nowell, on June 25, 1995. In 2013, the younger Nowell followed in his father’s footsteps by forming the music band LAW, in which he serves as vocalist. Jakob Nowell is known for his dynamic stage presence, vocal abilities, and command of the guitar. As a rock artist, Nowell has written and produced a lot of songs and has been the frontman of the rock band LAW for many years.

The Daughter of Troy Dendekker

Dendekker is also a mother of four children. Troy has two children with her second husband, Mary Jane, Erica Angel, and Rudi, in addition to her son, Jakob Nowell. However, it has been seen that Troy prefers to keep her children’s life private.




Troy Dendekker, 49, has spoken little about her life and career successes. She rose to prominence after marrying Sublime, the main vocalist and guitarist of the spa punk band, who then denied her husband’s death. Then Troy negotiated with the band’s record label and entertainment director Paul Ruffino. She also worked with singer Courtney Love to make a series of televised appearances for drug-free Americans and to rid the music business of narcotics.

Unfortunately, Troy’s spirit was raised following Bradley’s death, and she married Kiki Holmes for the second time. They exchanged vows on November 1, 2002, in a little ceremony. Kiki announced their marriage on Instagram, revealing the marriage certificate, which was later removed, and Dendekker confirmed the news by uploading a video clip from their wedding ceremony. Troy is presently enjoying a wonderful family life with her husband, Kiki, after a nearly 17-year family connection.

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