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Usain Bolt; Net Worth, Career, Wiki and All You Need to Know

This page contains information about one of the greatest athlete and arguably the greatest Olympic sprinter of all time, Usain Leo Bolt. On this page, you will discover more details about his life and career including his net worth, career earnings, age, biography, marital status, place of birth and more

Who Exactly is Usain Bolt?

Usain Bolt is an eight times, yes you read that right, EIGHT Times, Olympic gold medalist making him the most successful Olympics sprinter of all time. He was born in the small yet popular country of Jamaica, specifically in the tiny town of Sherwood Content.  

Bolt’s talent as a sprinter was discovered during his basic school days at Waldensia Primary School, going ahead to compete for the school and his class in various competitions.

After competing in 3 successive Olympics and winning eight medals between 2008 and 2016, Usain Bolt retired in 2017 as the greatest sprinter in the history of the game.

Personal Life

Usain Bolt is currently married to his long time girlfriend Kasi Bennett and together they have three adorable children including a pair of twin boys.

What is the Net Worth of Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt made a lot of money during his days as a professional athlete mostly by competing in major world events and signing lucrative endorsement deals with major global brands such as DHL. By the time he retired, his net worth stood at 90m dollars making him one of the richest living athletes.

DATE OF BIRTH: 21sth August 1986



Below is a few of the incredible records set by Usain Bolt as a professional Sprinter

  1. Fastest run 150 metres (male)
  2. Most medals won at the IAAF Athletics World Championships (male)
  3. Most gold medals won at the IAAF Athletics World Championships (male)
  4. Most Athletics World Championships Men’s 200 m wins
  5. Most consecutive Olympic gold medals won in the 100 metres (male)
  6. Most consecutive Olympic gold medals won in the 200 metres (male)
  7. Most Olympic men’s 200 metres Gold medals
  8. Fastest run 200 metres (male)
  9. Most Men’s IAAF World Athlete of Year Trophies
  10. First Olympic track sprint triple-double
  11. Highest annual earnings for a track athlete
  12. Most wins of the 100 m sprint at the Olympic Games

All these records are listed in the Guineas World Record.

Where Is He Now?

Usain Bolt is alive and leaves in Jamaica but spends most of his retirement life traveling around the world and enjoying the fruits of his labour.

Notable Information

After retiring from football, Usain Bolt tried his luck in football and had trials with a number of clubs in Europe, including Germany’s Borussia Dortmund, before giving up after failing to make the cut.

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