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Vatebra and UNDP launch CEWERS in Kaduna

Vatebra and UNDP launch CEWERS in Kaduna

Tech Company, Vatebra Limited has teamed up with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the Kaduna State Peace Commission (KSPC) in the deployment of the CEWERS solution. CEWERS which means “Conflict Early Warning and Early Response System” is the innovative security-tech solution initiated by KSPC, sponsored by UNDP and developed by Vatebra Limited.

The CEWERS application allows people in conflict areas in Kaduna state to properly capture and channel feedbacks by enabling security monitoring groups and individual citizens to provide feedback on the progress of elections, security situation, and crisis within the state, both positive and negative, to assure timely counter-response by appropriate authorities to avert violence or conflicts.

The CEWERS application developed by Vatebra Limited will facilitate the gathering, analysis and visualization of data with geo-tagging capabilities to represent the level and the weighting of the risks, conflicts, and responses. It is an integrated web, mobile app and SMS based system that is compatible with Android devices and tablets, and can be downloadable through the play store.

Tech For Security: Vatebra and UNDP lead the way with deployment of CEWERS in Kaduna

Speaking at the launch of the CEWERS application; Kenneth Omale a Key Business Manager at Vatebra Limited gave an executive insight of CEWERS and its benefits; which includes: a holistic view of the Incident map of Kaduna State, engage communities to report early, warning signals, Initiate timely response to reported warning signals, control fake news spread, and generate data for informed decisions and policymaking.

Furthermore, the Regional Head, Abuja Branch, Vatebra Limited, Elsie Njoku spoke about the CEWERS governance structure. She explained that CEWERS will be an avenue for the general public who will pose as anonymous to escalate incidents. She gave insights on the roles of the various stakeholders in crisis reporting and management.

Participants at the launch included the Executive Governor of Kaduna State  Mallam Nasir El-Rufai, Deputy Governor of Kaduna State Hadiza Balarabe, Vice Chairman, Kaduna State Peace Commission, Priscilla Ankut, and representatives of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

Others include representatives of the Embassy of Norway, Director Plateau State Peace Building Agency, Commissioner of Police, Kaduna State, Secretary to Kaduna State Government, representative of Civil Society Organizations, representative of traditional leaders and religious leaders.

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