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What Is A Rainbow Kiss? Everything You Need To Know About The 69th Kiss Position


Mar 29, 2022

An arc of color A kiss is a kiss between a female and her lover, who is often male, when she is menstruating. It occurs when a male descends on a female during her monthly cycle.


A Cosmic Kiss

The kiss comprises the coveted 69 sex position, menstrual blood, sperm, and a plenty of kissing.


Now that the guy’s mouth is filled with period blood and the male ejaculates within the woman’s mouth, they kiss, forming a mixture inside the mouth that they collectively refer to as the “Rainbow.”


A rainbow kiss may not be the healthiest thing to do with your partner, particularly if you are unfamiliar with their sexual health status, as both sperm and period blood can include potentially contagious bacteria that can cause HIV, syphilis, hepatitis, and other diseases.


Finally, whether or not you want to incorporate a rainbow kiss into your sex repertoire is entirely up to you. However, however, you are now more prepared if the occasion arises!

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