What Were Randy Savage’s final words?


Randy Savage, a former professional wrestler, notified his wife seconds before passing away from a heart attack and smashing his Jeep into a tree.


Additionally, it was revealed that Lynn Savage, who was a passenger in the automobile, was forced to steer the out-of-control Jeep into a tree to avoid colliding with an oncoming motorcycle.

Savage’s brother, Lanny Poffo, stated that the flamboyant wrestler complained of feeling ill the night before his fatal heart attack but remained optimistic, declaring, ‘I have lived a great life.’

According to Lanny Poffo of the National Enquirer, his brother intended to scatter his ashes with those of his pet dog Hercules beneath a tree.


‘When Hercules died, Randy had me scatter the dog’s ashes beneath a tree on his property and instructed me, ‘when the time comes for me to depart, scatter my ashes beneath the same tree.’ If Herc approves, it is acceptable to me’.

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