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Who Is a Celebrity and What Makes One a Celebrity?

One of the most controversial and frequently asked questions in the entertainment industry is what makes one a celebrity and who can be considered a celebrity.

Most often than not, this question is seen as a way of demeaning or looking down on a popular person we do not like but that is not always the case.

Each passing day, news reports describe some popular persons as celebrity largely due to their popularity among the populace. But is that enough to be described as a Celebrity?

In order to answer this question let us first dissect the word CELEBRITY. This word originates from the word CELEBRATES and was primarily meant to be used to describe ACHIEVERS in the various fields such as sports, science, entertainment and more. These achievers were people the public deemed successful enough to look up to and celebrate hence the word CELEBRITY.


The word Celebrity has however undergone significant change in the last few decades and is no longer exclusive to achievers or people worth celebrating. Today anyone who is popular on any platform, sector or field is largely accepted as a celebrity, as far as you are well known. You don’t have to be someone who has achieved great success or worth celebrating.

In summary, who a celebrity is, is very much subjective now. For the old school, not every popular person is a celebrity, you must have achieved something and worth celebrating. For the new school, as long as you are popular and well known by the populace, heck yeah, you are a Celebrity.

Authored by Ben Kesse. Founder of popular Celebrity blog YourCelebsWorth