Who Is Maureen Brady, Tom Brady’s Sister? Maureen Brady Family and Husband


Maureen Brady is Tom Brady’s sister.


Maureen Brady is the Brady siblings’ eldest child.


Maureen Brady was a high school softball player who established several records as a pitcher. Maureen Brady kept pitching for them after enrolling at Fresno State University.


Maureen Brady shone even brighter as an athlete during her tenure with the ‘Fresno Bulldogs.’ Maureen Brady was an all-American pitcher in 1994, leading the country in victories.


Maureen Brady was born in San Mateo, California on 6th February in the mid-1970s. Though her actual birthdate is uncertain, Maureen Brady was born in the early 1970s.


Maureen Brady is the Bradys’ eldest and least visible member.

Maureen Brady’s Spouse

Brian Timmons was Maureen Brady’s husband.


Family of Maureen Brady

Maureen Brady is the mother of two children, Maya and Hannah, with her ex-husband Brian Timmons.


Maureen Brady is a registered nurse who also works as a softball instructor on the side.

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