Who is Richer, Batman or Ironman?


In their respective DC and Marvel Comic worlds, Batman and Ironman are two fan-favorite fictional characters most recognized for their massive amounts of riches.

However, the estimated wealth of these two superheroes has long been a source of contention.


Who is wealthier, Batman or Ironman?

According to a recent assessment by the English bank Vanquis, Batman, whose equivalent is playboy millionaire Bruce Wayne, is wealthier than Ironman, also known as Tony Starks.


According to their figures, Wayne Enterprises’ CEO earns an annual compensation of £751,566 ($988,902). Iron Man, on the other hand, earns £699,205 ($920,006) a year as CEO of Stark Industries in Los Angeles.


Despite Vanquis’ estimate, Forbes produced prior contradictory estimations in 2013 that put Tony Stark’s fortune higher than Batman’s. According to Forbes, Tony Stark is worth $12.4 billion and his firm, Stark Industries, is worth $20.3 billion, but Bruce Wayne is worth $9.2 billion and his company, Wayne Enterprises, is worth $31.3 billion.


Here are some more fascinating facts concerning Batman and Iron Man’s spending:


An Iron Man suit is worth $110,302,000, which is about similar to 104 Batsuits (at $1,058,600 per head).

Batman’s fleet of cars is more costly. His motorbike, tank vehicle, and chopper are worth $80,000,000, whereas Stark’s fleet is at $3,415,000.

Wayne’s estate was restored at a cost of $600 million.

Batman spends a total of $223,610 on weapons and gadgets. Three of his Batarangs are around $1,000 each, and he also has a $250 “encrypted memory stick” on his shopping list.

Stark’s spending, on the other hand, is far more extravagant. Stark spends roughly $10,000,000 on his toys, which include cutting-edge arc reactors, gold and titanium exoskeleton suits, and reactive jet reflectors.

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