Who Is Rory Farquharson, Malia Obama’s Boyfriend?


Rugby player Rory Farquharson. He was born in Suffolk, England, to a British family. He is well-known as Barack and Michelle Obama’s daughter Malia Obama’s boyfriend. On July 18, 1998, he was born.

Charles Farquharson, the CEO of an investment firm, is Rory’s father, and Catherine Farquharson, an accountant, is his mother. Rory completed his education at Rugby School before enrolling at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, to pursue his dream of becoming a lawyer.


Farquharson interned at the Centre for Democracy and Peace Building in Northern Ireland during his undergraduate summer vacation. The group is dedicated to assisting the Northern Ireland peace process.


Rory and Malia Farquharson

Rory Farquharson is dating Malia Obama, the daughter of Barack Obama, the former President of the United States. They’ve been observed attending events together on multiple occasions.


Rory quarantined with the Obama family during the peak of the COVID-19 outbreak.

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