Who Was Bob Dole’s Ex-Wife Phyllis Holden?


Bob Dole, formally known as Robert Joseph Dole, was a Kansas senator from 1969 to 1996. He was born in Russell, Kansas, on July 22, 1923, to Bina M. (née Talbott; 1904) and Doran Ray Dole.

Dole enlisted in the United States Army’s Enlisted Reserve Corps at the age of 22 to fight in World War II. Dole was assigned to the Army’s 10th Mountain Division as a second lieutenant.


Dole began his political career at the age of 27. He ran for politics for the first time in 1950 and was elected to the Kansas House of Representatives for a two-year term. Since then, he has been immersed in the game of politics, beating former Kansas Governor William H. Avery for the Republican nomination to succeed retiring Senator Frank Carlson in the United States Senate.


Dole has had two marriages. In 1948, Dole married Phyllis Holde and divorced her on January 11, 1972. Dole married Elizabeth, his second wife, in 1972. On December 6, 1975, the pair married. They were childless.


Who Was Phyllis Holden, Bob Dole’s Ex-Wife?



Phyllis Holden worked as an occupational therapist at a Battle Creek, Michigan, veterans hospital. Robin was Phyllis’s daughter, born on October 15, 1954. Phyllis passed away on 22 April 2008.

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