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Why did they shoot Chalino Sanchez?


Apr 8, 2022

Rosalino Sánchez Félix, professionally known as Chalino Sánchez, was a singer and songwriter from Mexico.


Chalino Sanzhez was a specialist in regional Mexican music, particularly well-known for his corridos.


Why did they shoot Chalino Sanchez?


On 15 May 1992, while playing at Culiacán’s Salon Bugambilias, an audience member was observed handing him something, which was generally thought to be a message informing him that he would die following his performance.


Chalino Sanchez appears to look around anxiously for a few seconds before continuing his act.


Chalino Sanchez drove out from the club just after midnight, accompanied by two of his brothers, a cousin, and numerous young women.


They were, however, stopped by a squad of armed men in unmarked cars who displayed state police identification cards and informed Chalino that their commander wanted to see him.


Chalino Sanchez agreed and entered one of their automobiles, followed by the others.


On 16 May 1992, around 6 a.m., two farmers discovered Chalino Sanchez’s body beside an irrigation canal near Highway 15, in the Los Laureles neighborhood of Culiacán.


Chalino Sanchez was wearing a blindfold and had rope marks on his wrists; he had been shot in the back of the skull.

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