William Shatner Net Worth: How Rich is the Actor Now?


William Shatner is a Canadian actor, producer, and musician best known for his work on the Star Trek franchise, for which he played the character of Captain James T. Kirk, for which he is best known. He has also received Emmy nominations for his roles in Boston Legal. William Shatner’s net worth is expected to be over $100 million by 2022.

Early Years

Shatner attended West Hill High School and Montreal Children’s Theatre at the same time. He subsequently attended McGill University, where he majored in Economics and finished with a Bachelor of Commerce degree. Many years later, the same university would bestow upon him an honorary Doctorate of Letters.

William Shatner’s Career

Shatner began working as a business manager for Mountain Playhouse shortly after finishing his education. However, he later opted to pursue his interest in acting by joining the Canadian National Repertory Theatre. Shatner began his acting career in modest roles such as Oedipus Rex and Henry V.

He eventually made his Broadway debut in 1956. His early cinematic credits included appearing in The Brothers Karamazov. Shatner continued to play minor roles that were gradually progressing to bigger title ones. His biggest break would come from being a part of the Star Trek franchise, when he played Captain James T. Kirk.

From 1966 through 1969, Shatner held the position. However, the show did not become a great hit during that time period and was terminated. He later returned to the series in its animated form in the 1970s.

However, Shatner was still a struggling actor at the time, living in a truck bed camper after losing his home and eager to take any work to feed his family. This period of his life, however, changed when he began to appear in a number of films, including Big Bad Mama and The Devil’s Rain.

Fans admired the roles he played in plays such as The Andersonville Trial, which led to his developing a larger fan base. He has appeared in a number of films over the years, including The Six Million Dollar Man, Kung Fu, and Mission: Impossible.

Shatner has also appeared in a variety of television shows, reality shows, and challenges. In recent years, he has appeared as a guest star on the popular television show The Big Bang Theory. Furthermore, as a result of his strong brand name, William Shatner is frequently featured in various ads for leading brands all over the world.

Private Life

Shatner has been married four times over his life. Elizabeth Martin, his fourth wife, he married in 2001. However, after over 20 years together, their partnership came to an end when Shatner filed for divorce. Though Shatner is a Canadian citizen, he possesses a green card in the United States because he has lived there for a long period.

William Shatner Net Worth

William Shatner’s net worth is predicted to be $100 million as of 2022. A large portion of Shatner’s net worth stems from his popularity in Star Trek as well as his consistency in performing in various roles, even at the age of 91.