Yemi Alade Biography; Net Worth, Age, Husband, Songs, Family


Yemi began her schooling at Saviour British Primary School before moving on to Victory Grammar School in Lagos. She also has a Geography degree from the University of Lagos.
Yemi Alade has received several honors for her talent in singing, songwriting, and acting. In 2015 and 2016, she won the MTV African Music Awards for Best Female for two years in a row. In 2015, she was nominated for Artiste of the Year, making her the first female to win the MAMAs for Best Female Performer twice in a row and be nominated for Artiste of the Year.

Yemi Alade Salary and Earnings

Yemi Alade’s music has transported her to various regions of Africa, making her one of the most influential and wealthy female singers in the continent. Because she has translated the majority of her songs into Swahili, Yemi Alade has practically become a household name in Nigeria, Ghana, and sections of Swahili-speaking nations. Her net worth is believed to be $4.2 million.

Yem Alade’s Husband and Child

There is no information available on Yemi Alade’s present relationship. She has never stated that she has married. Yei Alade has yet to have a kid.


Songs by Yemi Alade

Yemi Alade shot to fame in 2013 with her hit “Johnny.” Since then, she has continuously delivered successful singles on a yearly basis. Among them are:

Classic Girl Freestyle 2015
Koffi Anan 2016
Get Through This 2017
Bum Bum 2018
How I Feel 2018
Oh My Gosh 2018

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