Young Nudy Net Worth, Age, Merch, and Tour


Young Nudy is an American rapper and songwriter best known for his Slimeball mixtape series. He was also included on Dreamville Records’ smash tune Down Bad, which increased his exposure.

Early Years

Quantavious Thomas was born in Atlanta, Georgia in December 1992. Little is known about the rapper’s early upbringing, but we do know that he had a sister named Ashley and an older brother named PDE Escobar. Nudy’s father is also thought to be uninvolved.

Nudy was discovered in the Paradise East Apartments in East Atlanta, Dekalb County. He is cousins with fellow rappers 21 Savage and Offset, believe it or not.

Furthermore, Nudy was reared by both his mother and grandparents, with whom he claims a stronger affinity. The rapper is of Jamaican heritage and has been related to Atlanta’s Bouldercrest, Zone 6 neighborhood.

Ronald McNair Sr. High School was located in Bouldercrest. He then dropped out, citing the need to assist his mother in earning money for the family.

Net Worth and Career of Young Nudy

Nudy first appeared on the scene in 2015, when he appeared on 21 Savage’s track “Air It Out.” He also released his first project, Paradise 2 East Atlanta, alongside rapper Kourtney Money that year.

Nudy’s Slimeball mixtape trilogy drew a lot of attention from the hip hop community. The tune EA from Slimeball 2 featuring 21 Savage has received over nine million streams on SoundCloud alone. He also sought out Metro Boomin’s production.

Nudy signed a multi-million dollar agreement with Paradise East Records, RCA Records, and Same Plate Entertainment prior to the release of Slimeball 3. The accompanying tape became Nudy’s first charting project, with over 18 million streams on Apple Music.

Slimeball 3 featured guest performances from Future and 6lack, as well as 15 tunes. Maaly Raw, Cardiak, JetsonMade, and others contributed to the production. Millions of people have heard the single Zone 6 (Remix).

Shotta, featuring Megan Thee Stallion, is Nudy’s most popular song on YouTube. Hell Shell, from his 2017 Nuddy Land mixtape, is his most streamed single on Spotify.

Nudy, like most musicians, makes money from his social media profiles. As of 2022, the rapper has 926,000 Instagram followers and 224,000 Twitter followers. Furthermore, he has 416,000 subscribers on his YouTube account.

It’s Time To Enter The Booth And Transform

December 11, 2021 — Big Bad Slime (@PDE YOUNGNUDY)

Nudy’s work production has remained stable since 2016. He has released three studio solo albums, five mixtapes, and a joint project with Pi’erre Bourne throughout that time.

Nudy appeared on the songs Down Bad and Sunset from Dreamville Records’ Revenge of the Dreamers III project in 2019. He was even nominated for best actor in a feature film at the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards.

Nudy has also appeared as a guest on some other popular songs, including 4L by 21 Savage, Money Spread by Lil Uzi Vert, and Attitude by Deonte Hitchcock.

The Young Nudy Tour

Throughout his career, Nudy has generated a sizable profit from touring. He has toured alongside musicians such as Playboi Carti, Lil Baby, and 21 Savage since 2017. He has also played at a number of music events.

Notably, the musician is getting ready to go on his Dr. Ev4l vs Rich Shooter tour. As of January, he’ll be performing in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Santa Ana.

Young Nudy Merchandise

Nudy started his own line of items several years ago, which is still active and updated to this day. Fans may purchase clothes from his latest endeavor, as well as the album, on the site. This previous album has a comic book illustration motif.

Legal Concerns

Nudy and his cousin 21 Savage were arrested in Atlanta in 2019, with the Slimeball rapper facing aggravated assault and a violation of the Georgia Gang Act. Two weeks later, he was released on $100,000 bail.

That was the same arrest that landed 21 Savage in trouble with Immigration and Customs Enforcement for being in the country illegally.

Music Style

Nudy’s musical style is typically described as a blend of hip hop and modern R&B. Furthermore, it should be stated that he is not a mumble rapper, and for context, listen to how his newer albums sound in comparison to his older work. His sound has grown.

Nudy dropped two cassettes throughout the summer, which was impressive. The first, Dr. Ev4l, reached at 93 on the Billboard 200 chart. Rich Shooter quickly followed, peaking at 123 on the chart.